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Relationship status: LOVED

Song of Solomon 8:4 reads, "4 Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires." In the Jenny B translation that would read... DON'T JUMP IN FRONT OF CUPIDS ARROW IF IT WAS NOT AIMED AT YOU!

I was spending time on Facebook and Twitter this morning and of course I expected the Timelines to be inundated with genuine Valentines AND sarcastic Single Awareness "I'm not the only one alone today" shout outs. But, the more I read the more I started thinking about this thing called romance & silly concept of Cupid.

It's funny how some are so lonely that instead of celebrating LOVE from all sources, (i.e. God, family, friends, ect.) on Valentines Day they mourn the fact that they dont have a "Valentine". Its the typical story of "focusing on what you feel don't have instead of what you really DO have". So, maybe your relationship status still reads "SINGLE" have to realize that you are still loved. Ive spent my share of Valentines Days being bitter that I was alone or didnt have that special someone and I realized that being bitter or choosing to feel "left out" only left me feeling....worse.
My relationship status still reads "SINGLE", but what has changed in the profile of my heart perspective.

I can honestly say that choosing to be happy for people who are celebrating Valentines Day with their significant other makes Valentines Day so much more pleasant! I actually enjoyed reading some of the sappy comments & shoutouts from my married friends, not only am I happy that they are blissfully happy, but it gives me something to look forward to! The Bible mentions the law of "reaping what you sow". So, if nothing else, consider being happy for others a way of setting yourself up in the future. :)

I mentioned doing the Cupid Shuffle in one of my status' today. That also got me thinking...
I think we have too many guys out there doing the stupid Cupid shuffle. & I am not referring to one of my favorite dances. I mean, there are too many fellas (& girls) out there with their quivers full of arrows of unoriginal romance, hormones-without-patience, loneliness, words that tingle the ears & boxes of chocolate. & these arrows are just being grabbed, loaded and shot at random. No focus. No target. Just a shuffle of hearts that were desperate for attention. This is not love or even slightly romantic.

Then we have the ladies....(and yes, guys too) I repeat, "DON'T JUMP IN FRONT OF CUPIDS ARROW IF IT WAS NOT AIMED AT YOU!" There is this deep void in us all to be filled with love. & this void will never be satisfied by second best. We are all meant to be filled by the love of God. (Both men & women) I believe one of the reasons Song of Solomon directed this verse specifically to the ladies is because we tend to be the more emotional & get caught up in the excitement of being accepted & seen by our lovers. Your time will come, but trying to stir up the emotions of love prematurely will lead to unsatisfaction, disappointment & discontent. Because, once will be focusing on what you dont have instead of all the wonderful blessings & relationships that you DO have in your life.

"SINGLE AWERENESS DAY". I used to refer to it as that. However, I have realized that every day is Single Awareness Day...NOT because everday I wake up to the harsh reality of being single. But, because everyday I choose to wake up to a God that singles me out with His love. He chose me and He chose YOU. Although He loves us all, He also created us all completely different & wants to satisfy us with His love in a unique way that is fits our personalities & the way we receive love. God is romantic! I know that sounds obscure to some, but its true. & in this incredible love I have found everything that I need & want.

So, today...February 14, 2011. Whether you are married, single, engaged, dating or bitter :) chose to be found in Gods love first. Once we are filled with His love and accept the fact that His love is unconditional and unmerrited...then we can truly start opporating and loving others. Your actions are based upon the overflow of His love for you and what He has done in your life, not what you can get from somebody else and receiving temporary satisfactions. Make an exchange of all the crap thats in your quiver. Fill it with the characteristics of 1 Corinthians 13.

Your time will come. Just dont settle for the first "Romeo" or "Juliet" that crosses the range. Focus on the target that God has established for you life and allow Him to tell you when its safe to release the arrow of love.


  1. echoing my heart this valentines exactly. :)
    Happy Valentines Day JennyB! :)

  2. Fantastic perspective! Really impressive and I love the heart you have for God and others! Almost .... pastoral, if you ask me.

  3. Thank you @Michelle! :)
    @Room to Bloom - I just saw you started a blog! Bout to check it out! Thank you for the compliment & yes...slightly pastoral heart over here. ;)


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